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Shame Storm

Humbling experiences, and humility.
Today I want to write about humbling experiences…those experiences we all have that can give us a sense of humility…but don’t always, because we need to understand what true humility is.
I think humbling experiences can be an occasion for spiritual growth.
At least I hope so, because the last couple weeks have brought a number of humbling experiences for me personally.
I’ll share one silly, but recent experience: a softball game that I played in Thursday night.
I stunk.
I mean I really, really stunk.
I used to play softball.  I used to be on several men’s teams; competitive ones, even.  Heck, I used to play baseball, you know, hardball.  Grew up playing it, from Little League through Babe Ruth through high school. And I'd played lots of softball in all kinds of leagues.
So – even though it’d been years since I’d had cleats and a glove on – “I can pick this back up,” I thought.  I mean, “How hard can it be?”
Very hard.
They put me in left…