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Comfort All Who Mourn

In March of 2007, in the aftermath of several human-made and natural disasters, I preached a sermon called, “To Comfort All Who Mourn.”
In light of the Colorado massacre that is on so many minds today, I offer it here again, in hope that it helps:


·A bus with Bluffton University’s baseball team plunges off an overpass near Atlanta, killing seven people.
·An unseasonable tornado rips through a high school in Alabama, killing at least eight.
·A house fire rips through a Bronx apartment, killing ten, including a man’s wife and all four of his children.
We hear about these things and they tear us up.
And there’s a part of us that wonders, “Why?” Why do innocent people suffer and die?
And there’s at least part of us that looks up and asks another question: “How?”

“How can a God of love allow so much tragedy and suffering?”
They are good questions.They are also ancient ques…