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Showing posts from September 5, 2012

"Photogratude" for today: The Magenta Box

At my first staff meeting today at my new job as Rector of The Falls Church Episcopal, they point out "The Magenta Box," which comes to every staff meeting:  

What's in The Magenta Box?

Correspondence cards.

And sometime during the meeting, as they discuss the goings-on of the parish, if it occurs to them that someone somewhere deserves a word of appreciation, or encouragement, or thanks, the Magenta Box is opened.

And on one of those correspondence cards, they write a simple "thank you" or "thinking of you."

And everyone on staff signs it. Right then and there. And off in the mail it goes... make someone's day a day or two later, no doubt.

What a smack-on-the-forehead, "sure-wish-I'd'athoughofthatyearsago," but wonderful concept.

Sure pushes us from vague "feelings of gratitude" to concrete "actions of thanksgiving."  

And -- I hope you agree -- worth sharing as a "photogratude" today.�…