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"What I 'got' for Christmas" story

(Several people asked me for a copy of the story that I read during my part* of Rev. Cathy's and my "What I 'got' for Christmas" sermon on Christmas Eve. Here it is, with a brief introduction.) 

...don’t ever let anyone tell you Christmas is not about “presents” – Christmas is all about presence, God’s presence in human form, God’s presence in this frightened young girl giving birth to her first child far away from home; God’s presence in a feeding trough, LOVE, present, in real life. 

Phillip Gully, in his book Christmas in Harmony , tells a wonderful story about Christmas presents/presence: He says he remembers when his biggest decision at Christmas was what to buy with the ten dollars his grandparents gave him. 

“The week before Christmas, my grandmother would walk up Marion Street to Vernley Stout’s window at the bank, where he would count out two crisp ten-dollar bills, one for my brother Roger and one for me. 

She would arrange them in the money envelope…

"The time of singing has come" (Wedding sermon, Julie Huang and Scott Tucker)

Advent Purists are well-intentioned Killjoys