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Advent Purists are well-intentioned Killjoys

How ancient spiritual gurus overcame being stressed or overtired

(I posted this in October of 2011, then again in November of last year. I'm re-posting now because One, I just discovered the A.A. Milne (Pooh) illustration/quote that fits perfectly, and Two, I'm hoping its message gets through to at least one person, and that's me!)

Today, I’d like to share a passage from a book I recently read. The book is Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle, S.J., which happens to be one of the most moving and powerful books I’ve ever read.
Boyle is a Jesuit priest working with gang members in Los Angeles, where, despite working in desperate conditions (he’s had to bury over 150 young people, for example), he works with a contagious joy, compassion, and light humor.
At one point in the book, Boyle is reflecting on stress and over-tiredness largely brought on by chasing success -- or what most people believe success to be. When I read what Boyle wrote, something just kind of shifted, internally, for me, for the better. So, in the hope that it d…

Making sense of the beatitudes