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Ten Commandments Still Relevant?

The Ten Commandments are on my mind, partly because during the season of Lent, we hear the Ten Commandments read each Sunday at the very beginning of our service, and so they are a kind of “tone-setter” for our services for five weeks.

Another reason I want to write about (and preach on) the the Ten Commandments is that I even though many people know what “the Ten Commandments” are in general – commandments that God gave Moses and the Jewish people – not many people are familiar with them...not many people really know them as things that are relevant or helpful in daily life.

But – as I hope to do in my sermons this and next Sunday – I want to bring the Ten Commandments out of a dusty, ancient irrelevancy they have in many people’s lives into a fresh and very modern spiritual resource.

Let me start here:

If you were to ask most people what the first commandment is, what would they say?

If they could remember it, they’d probably say

“Do not have any other gods but God.”

But that’s only …