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The Surprise Presence we get at Christmas

A sermon preached Christmas Eve, 2015 The Rev. John Ohmer, Rector The Falls Church Episcopal

The surprise presence we get at Christmas: not the presents with a t, the presents we get to open tomorrow morning -- tonight I want to talk about the surprise presence, company, showing up, appearance, incarnation, that we get at Christmas.
I recently ran across a little book with the title An Unexpected Christmas by Simone Graham.
The author wrote the story as a gift for her own children. It was made into a short film by St. Paul’s Anglican church in New Zealand and became a hit on YouTube a couple years ago.
The book invites you to use your imagination, and imagine a conversation going on in heaven as God reveals God’s plans for the very first Christmas. I like the way it gives a whole different perspective on a very familiar story.
It starts out by asking if you have ever wondered if we “could pull back the curtain of time that very first Christmas,” and imagine the story beginning in heaven,…