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Maundy Thursday SERVICE?

This year at The Falls Church Episcopal, for Maundy Thursday (April 2), we're trying something different.  
The custom I've nearly always done, and is still done in many churches – one I don’t like, for reasons I explain a bit below -- is a ritual foot-washing, where clergy wash each other’s feet, then the feet of others, then others are invited to wash each other’s feet. 
The symbolism is fine – in a scene found only in the Gospel of John (Matthew, Mark, or Luke do not record it), after the Last Supper, Jesus stood up, wrapped a towel around his waist, and washed his disciple’s feet. 
So that first "Maundy Thursday," Jesus did what only a servant would do -- and the lowest-ranked servant at that: he modeled service. 
He told his followers that following him meant loving him, and loving him meant loving and serving others.   
But here's the thing: