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Today (how I deal with worry and stress)

Many people think that clergy and other people who "have a lot of faith" are somehow immune from worry and fear.

It's just not true.

In fact, because deeply spiritual people -- like writers and other artists -- also tend to be deeply intuitive people who absorb the even unspoken emotional sensitivities of others -- I'll bet they're subject to even more worry and fear than others.

The difference is in how they deal with worry and fear.

Here, at any rate, are two (healthy) ways I have learned to deal with my own worry and fear:

First, I remind myself of the wisdom offered by Stephen Covey.

"We each have a wide range of concerns," Covey writes, "and inside this "Circle of Concern" are things like our health, our children, problems at work, the national debt, nuclear war -- anything we have some mental or emotional involvement in."

But as we look at the things in our Circle of Concern, we realize there two types of things in there: