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Hate is the Proverbial Hare, Love is the Tortoise

I realize I've been quoting this line from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry a lot lately:

"Nothing can stop the movement of God's love in this world. And if we are part of that movement, nothing can stop us."

I've quoted it in (at least) the last three of my sermons. I've quoted it at Adult Forum; I quoted it at the Annual Meeting; used it at our vestry retreat; I shared it during several staff meetings. I'm pretty sure I've brought it up during dinner with my family. I even quoted it to a Lyft driver.

"Nothing can stop the movement of God's love in this world. And if we are part of that movement, nothing can stop us."

Well, it's a truism in life that oftentimes, if someone keeps repeating themselves, chances are they're trying to convince themselves.

And the dirty little secret is, that may well be the case with me, and this quote.

I admit it: I'm trying to convince myself that the claim is factual (and it is factual: as Bishop Curr…