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The Reality of Christmas and Our Culture

This time of year, there’s a common dilemma we face. On the one hand, we really want to feel “the Christmas spirit.” But on the other hand, we have a hard time hearing the “still, small voice of God” in all the noise, chasing around the malls, the parties, and the pressures of the season. On the one hand, we recall, fondly, the Christmas mornings of our childhood, including the joy of opening presents. But on the other hand, we fear creating Christmas mornings of our own that are overly focused on presents. On the one hand, we know Christmas can put us in touch with the deepest yearnings of our hearts and souls, tug at our heartstrings like no other holiday. But on the other hand, we know that Jo Robinson and Jean Coppock-Staeheli, co-authors of the book, Unplug the Christmas Machine , are onto something when they write that Christmas has been cheapened into little more than “a long and elaborate preparation for an intense gift-opening ritual.” When I feel this way, I find it helpf