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God's Will and the Earthquake in Haiti

The suffering and disaster in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti is, appropriately I think, about all one is hearing about this week. I won’t presume to add anything new to the matter, but I will remind you of three things: First: “What can I do to help?” It seems the best and most frequent answer is, “In addition to your prayers, financial help is most effective right now.” There are many worthwhile organizations and ministries and governments mobilizing right now, but what we, as St. James’ Episcopal Church, are suggesting is that you support the people of Haiti through Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD, formerly known as The Presiding Bishop’s Fund for World Relief). Specifically, your Vestry has voted to designate this Sunday’s “loose plate” (i.e., all cash and monies that are not payments on pledges) to the relief of suffering in Haiti through ERD. Many people are unaware that the Diocese of Haiti is a diocese of The Episcopal Church, and I believe that your supporting o