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Showing posts from February 5, 2010

Last Bag of Lettuce

Well! How can I not write about the snow?! As I sit down to write this (early afternoon on Friday) the real snow is just starting, but if predictions are anything close to accurate, then tonight, we're in for what meteorological experts call "a real doozy." Two thoughts about snowstorms: First, snowstorms are disruptive. That's one of the reasons I love them so much. Yes, to some people in some occupations, snowstorms cause a great deal of additional work and stress. But I suspect for most of us, snow days give us permission to do what our heart of hearts yearns to do: slow down the frenetic pace for a while...quit racing around...nestle in...chill out...give rest to our soul. In other words, the disruptiveness can be enjoyed as "forced Sabbath time." Most of us, I think, have lost the sense that the 4th Commandment -- to rest one day in seven -- is every bit as serious as the commandments against lying, stealing, adultery, and murder. We violate the comman