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Showing posts from March 19, 2010

No Time to Rest?

In a quick check of email this morning, I saw that several people had forwarded today’s “Lent Day by Day” reflection to me, mentioning how appropriate it was as we enter what promises to be a gorgeous weekend. If you didn’t receive it, or even if you did and didn’t reflect on it, here it is again: “The Sabbath is a day of rest. What does it mean to rest? Tilopa, a 9th-century Buddhist master, wrote: ‘Do not remember the past; Do not predict the future; Do not think about the present; Do not analyze; Do not control; Rest.’ Powerful limits. But what do we rest from? What is work? Most of us work with our minds, so do we shut off our minds with the glowing screen of the TV? Is that “rest” -- turning everything off? We should not forget active rest. Play. Exploration of questions and interests that are simply fun. When you were a child, what was more relaxing than play? What if we rested from the media that surrounds us? Imagine a day with no TV, no newspapers, no magazines. Imagine shutt