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Common Enemy = Leadership Laziness

Well, the Episcopal Church is back in the news again. Yesterday the Diocese of Virginia was before the Virginia Supreme Court arguing that even if a majority of the members of an Episcopal Church vote to leave the Episcopal Church -- as is the case with nine so-called “breakaway” churches -- they cannot not claim the Episcopal Church property as their own. Rather than try to summarize the conflict myself, here’s yesterday’s article from the Loudoun-Times Mirror: On April 13, the Virginia Supreme Court heard oral arguments for a property case that pitted nine churches in Loudoun and Fairfax counties against the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. The final decision will be made June 10 or June 11. The Church of Our Saviour, on Oatlands Mill Road south of Leesburg, is one of the churches involved. After the nine churches left the diocese in 2006 to join the Anglican District of Virginia, the diocese argued that the churches had forfeited the right to the properties upon which their church bui