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Father's Day

On Sunday, the lessons and sermon will concentrate on the Scripture message for the day, but in recognition of the fact that it’s also Father’s Day, your service leaflet will include a special insert. The insert, “The Best Advice My Father Ever Gave Me,” is a collection of quotes that your fellow parishioners of St. James’ have shared with us over the past several weeks. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I submitted two quotes from my own father. One was from a sign that hung above his desk while I was growing up: Children need models, not critics. I’d like to share, again, an image with you. Imagine, if you will, a child working in the backyard, helping his father build a mini barn. The child is doing it wrong: cutting the wood the wrong length; using the tools wrong, even dangerously. Taking too long to do the work. The father knows he’s doing it wrong. He has several ways to respond: One possibility is to ignore it, to “celebrate the child’s individuality,” to pretend there are no sta