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Guest Column--Memorial Day Thoughts

In 2006, for Memorial Day’s e-Pistle, I shared an essay from the Rev. William Shand, Rector of St. Francis Episcopal Church in Potomac, Maryland. I got to know Billy, as he is called, when I was served there two years as a seminarian. The essay is, I promise, worth reading in its entirety, but if you’re not able right now to do so, I hope you’ll at least scroll down to the bolded paragraph, and take those words to heart this weekend. His essay: “In the body politic, one occasionally hears a specific criticism of the Iraq war that argues that the American people have not been asked to make any sacrifice in this conflict. “Without weighing the merits of the nation’s policy on Iraq, I wonder if this criticism is not misguided, probably aimed at the administration for political gain. For is it not so that the casualty rate in this war now numbers in the thousands? I wonder, too, if the brave souls in rehabilitation over at Walter Reed believe no sacrifice has been made by the American peop