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Showing posts from August 6, 2010

Financial Safety

In the Gospel lesson appointed for Sunday (Luke 12:32-40), we hear Jesus calling his followers to make sound financial investments. Have you ever purchased one of those money belts that you wear inside your clothing? In Sunday's lesson, Jesus advises us, his followers, to create for ourselves a special kind of pouch, or depository, for our money that is tougher - longer lasting, less likely to wear out - than Kevlar. There's a safe, or safety deposit box in which we can put our money that not only has never been broken into, but no would-be burglar has even come near - it's far more secure than Fort Knox. Now here's what's interesting: Usually, putting our money in a safe (low risk) investment means getting very little back in return. That's because, as we all know from Economics 101, there's usually a correlation, or trade-off, between making low risk/low return investments, and high risk/high return investments. But putting our money in the pouch or p