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Showing posts from September 10, 2010

Being the Church

Okay, I have a confession to make. This Sunday – our Annual Ministry Fair Sunday – is my favorite Sunday of the year. I find myself looking forward to this Sunday more than any other in the year. I sense God’s power and presence moving among us more on this Sunday than any other of the year. “Even more than on major feast days?” you might wonder. Am I really saying I look forward to, and feel God more powerfully present on Ministry Fair Sunday than I do on even Easter and Christmas? Well, the answer is, yes. Part of me that thinks something is wrong with that picture: that I’m not supposed to feel that way…that Easter and Christmas, or baptism Sundays, or All Saints Day or St. James’ Day or Confirmation Sunday is “supposed” to be my favorite day in the church year. Maybe that’s why I said this feels like a confession, the lifting of some secret weight I’m carrying. But I’ll say it again: I find myself looking forward to, and I sense God’s power and presence more, on this Sunday th