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Showing posts from October 1, 2010

Running a Marathon, and a Strong Faith in God

Today, I want to write about the connection between two things that might not seem related to you: running a marathon, and having a good, strong relationship with God. Running a marathon is on my mind lately because I’ll be doing just that: running one later this month, specifically the Baltimore Marathon on October 16. Having a good, strong relationship with God is on my mind because that’s a main reason for going to church -- St. James’ or any other. What’s the connection between these two things? Lots of people, when they hear I have run 4 marathons (although the latest was in 2003), or that I’m going to be running another one soon, are impressed, but will say something to the effect of “wow -- you’re going to run 26 miles?! That’s got to be SO difficult!” And no doubt about it, running 26.2 miles is a challenge. But what most people don’t realize is that running that distance on the day of the marathon is not the most difficult part of running a marathon. In fact for many peo