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Brussels Sprouts

Today I want to repeat something I said a few years ago, when the Gospel story of Jesus curing ten lepers (Luke 17:11-19) came up. In the story, Jesus heals ten lepers of their disease, but only one of them turns back to give thanks. So – as I’ll be exploring further in Sunday’s sermon – it’s a lesson about the difference between “feelings of gratitude” and “actions of thanksgiving.” As I said several years ago, I’m all for feelings of gratitude, and especially for translating those feelings into acts of thanksgiving, but I think the feeling of gratitude needs to be sincere and based on reality. If our gratitude is forced, then our thanksgiving comes across as pandering; and even the person receiving it feels that it is contrived and insincere. So I’ve never thought it is a good use of time to try to manufacture feelings of gratitude where none exist….trying to make yourself feel grateful for relationships or things for which you really aren’t grateful. You know the dynamic I’m ta