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Rejoice and Give Thanks, Saints of God!

Sunday is, as you know, Halloween. Did you know the reason Halloween is always on October 31 goes all the way back to the 7th Century, when Pope Boniface IV designated November 1 as All Saints’ Day, a day to honor, or “hallow” (as in “hallowed be thy name…”), saints and martyrs. In about 1,000 AD, the Church added November 2 as “All Souls’ Day,” a day to remember the dead. So the three days together -- the eve of All Saints’, All Saints’, and All Souls’ came to be called “Hallowmas,” from which we get our modern-day term “All Hallow’s Evening,” or “Hallowe’en.” So what, you might ask? These three days are days set aside not just for the fun of the Leesburg Halloween Parade, dressing up in costumes and going to haunted corn mazes or trick-or-treating (all of which are perfectly innocent fun, by the way; don’t let some modern-day Puritan deprive you of it); but these days are also days to remember by name (as we’ll do at each of our services this Sunday) those who have died in the pas