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Showing posts from December 3, 2010

Capturing the True Spirit of Christmas

It seems this year there’s even more talk than usual about how over-commercialized Christmas has become. At the same time, there seems to be a concurrent sense of appreciation--a strong, favorable reaction--to things that seem to capture the true spirit of Christmas. Several years ago, when I wrote a column for the local paper, someone wrote in this time of year to say how they really want to feel “the Christmas spirit” but have had an increasingly harder time seeing through the malls and the parties and the pressures of the season. “Christmas morning seems like it’s all focused on presents,” they said, and “I don’t want to sound like Scrooge, but am I the only one who is glad when Christmas is finally over?” I’m grateful that our Personal Finance Ministry has been running a series called “Finding Christ in a Simpler Christmas,” and this week’s installment featuring “The Four Things Children Really Want for Christmas” is particularly appropriate, because as I said in my response to t