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Showing posts from January 13, 2011

A Word of Encouragement

“To encourage you today.” That was the subject line on an email I received from a parishioner this morning. Like most of us this week, this parishioner’s mind has very much been on the Tucson shootings. Then, she read the newspaper headline for the man who did the shooting: Friends, Teachers Tell of Loughner’s Descent Into World of Fantasy. She told me she started praying “that God would show me those people who could be heading this same direction, so it can be stopped before such catastrophes [happen again].” Two points about that. One is the recognition that events like this don’t “just happen.” They are orchestrated by the evil one. Hear me clearly: I am not saying the shooter “is” himself, evil. But I am saying that one of the downsides of our post-enlightenment, highly rational, Western, scientific mindset is that we only believe in -- or think of as “real” -- that which we can see, prove, taste, touch, or measure. And so we walk around with blinders on, oblivious to a hug