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The Royal Wedding, bin Laden... and Mother's Day?

We live in a world of too many opinions offered too quickly on too many topics, and so it’s with some reluctance that I offer my thoughts on three seemingly unconnected events of the last ten days: the Royal Wedding a week ago today, the killing of Osama bin Laden earlier this week, and Mother’s Day this Sunday. “What could possibly connect these events?” you might ask. Well, maybe nothing, but here goes: In reflecting on the Royal Wedding, I’ve been wondering: Is the Bishop of London right in his homily when he pronounced “it is good” that the whole world should be celebrating this marriage because, like all marriages, it was a day of hope, or are others right in dismissing it as expensive escapism? In reflecting on bin Laden, I’ve been wondering: Is President Obama right when he said the “world is a safer place” as a result of -- in the words of a colleague friend of mine -- “a decade-long icon of extremism, terror, and gratuitous violence” being dead, or are others (such as th