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Showing posts from June 24, 2011

Do What You Are Doing

I want to follow up on what I was writing about: the very modern tendency of checking electronic communication (texts, cell phone calls or messages) while in the presence of a real live human being. Several of you wrote back to agree, to say that you, too, find the practice of checking texts while talking to someone to be rude. But my chief objection to checking our electronic devices while in the presence of another human being is not its “rudeness.” “Rudeness,” after all, is relevant. At a football game, screaming at the top of your lungs to distract the visiting team’s offensive line is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged; at a golf tournament, talking during play, even in a whisper, to distract a golfer’s concentration is considered so rude you may get escorted out by the marshals. Besides, who I am to write about what’s rude, or not? Leave that to Miss Manners, the etiquette advisor; I’m Fr. John, the pastor/priest. So, I want to make it clear that my objection to checking