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The Persistence of the Holy One Who Won't Stop Sowing. Ever.

Today I'd like to pick up where Rev. Kate ended in her sermon on Sunday. Kate was preaching on Jesus' famous "parable of the sower," the farmer who planted seeds recklessly, scattering them everywhere. Some seeds fall on rocks and never put down deep enough roots to grow. Some seeds are stolen away even before they have a chance to put down roots: they get eaten up by birds. Some seeds fall on decent soil and survive being eaten, but they end up among weeds that choke the plant and the plant never bears fruit. And some seeds fall on decent soil, do survive, and thrive, and bear fruit 30, 60, 100-fold. In this parable, "the farmer" is God. The "seeds" are God's word -- God's message. The various kinds of soil are the varieties of our hearts. Sometimes our heart is like a rock -- tough, hard, dry, no looseness of soil -- and when God's message falls on our hearts in that state, it can't put down roots. No growth in faith. So