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Your Currently Most Dominant Thought

When I was in high school, they used to gather us in the basketball stadium for student assemblies, often “pep rallies” led by various motivational speakers. (Yes, in Indiana, the high schools have basketball stadiums , not mere gyms-with-bleachers.) (In fact, according to a 1998 article in The New York Times , 15 of the 16 largest high school gymnasiums were located in the state of Indiana.) (And the gym at my high school, Carmel High School, which seats 4,000, doesn’t even rank in the top 50-largest Indiana high school gyms .) But my point is about something one of those motivational speakers said at one of those pep rallies. I don’t remember his name or background -- although something tells me he was an Olympic athlete of some sort -- but I’ve always remembered his main point: “You move in the direction of your currently most dominant thought.” That was intended as a helpful insight into the importance of positive thinking. An example he gave was from a basebal