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What's Behind All the Anxiety?

This week -- a week in which so much attention was, and is, focused on Tuesday's earthquake and this weekend's Hurricane Irene -- I want to offer first, a few words of gratitude, and then ask some tough questions, and then issue a pastoral challenge. Words of gratitude: I'm grateful for the fact that Tuesday's earthquake hurt no one: as far as I know, not one human being was killed or even hurt as a result of what could have been, in other areas or in different circumstances, a disaster. Yes, there was some structural damage, some of it significant, such as (within our own denomination at least) at the National Cathedral and at Stephen's Episcopal Church in Culpepper. But luckily, not even in those places were any people harmed. Right here at home, I'm grateful that the large stained glass window at the rear of our church had been removed in its entirety just hours before the earthquake hit. While the removal of the stained glass window had absolutely no