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Showing posts from September 23, 2011

What to remember when having That Kind of Week

Is it just me -- just us around the Church Office having an unusually packed and stress-full week -- or is there something in the air? Some wider contagion of low-level irritability that's around? You know, the kind of grumpiness that stems from overtiredness...the powerless feeling you get when there's no one thing you can put your finger on that is causing your over busy-ness, combined with the prickly feeling you get from the realization that there's no one thing that you can do or change to make it go you just have to power on. That feeling. You know it? Am I onto something here? It's similar to another feeling that seems prevalent this time of year, which is the "Let Me Just Get Through ___________" attitude. You know, "Let me just get through this big meeting...let me just get through this conference...let me just get through this event...let me just get through this week, this weekend..." and THEN everything