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We work too hard

We work too hard. Spiritually speaking, I mean. Maybe we work too hard at specific things, too -- our jobs, being a good spouse, raising our kids, dieting, exercising, and so on, but that's symptomatic. Symptomatic of working too hard at life ... The reason we work too hard -- the reason we find life so damn difficult sometimes -- is that we are trying to do it on our own...through our own doubled, and redoubled, efforts. Too many of us are like people on those old mopeds, pedaling furiously through life using the pedals, sweating and churning and groaning at how hard things are, never realizing or taking advantage of the fact that the moped has enormous power ready to be unleashed -- power that would propel us at faster, better speeds with 1/100 th of the personal energy we'd been expending -- if we only avail ourselves of it. Believe it or not, that's not the way God intends us to live, or faith to be. One of the great Lies tol