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What the ancient spiritual gurus did when they were stressed or overtired

Today, I’d like to share a passage from a book I recently read. The book is Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle, S.J., which happens to be one of the most moving and powerful books I’ve ever read. Boyle is Jesuit priest working with gang members in Los Angeles, where, despite working in desperate conditions (he’s had to bury over 150 young people, for example), he works with a contagious joy, compassion, and light humor. At one point in the book, Boyle is reflecting on stress and over-tiredness largely brought on by chasing success -- or what most people believe success to be. When I read what Boyle wrote, something just kind of shifted, internally, for me, for the better. So, in the hope that it does the same for you, here’s what Boyle writes: “It’s an essential tenet of Buddhism that we can begin to change the world by first changing how we look at the world. … Thich Nhat Hahn writes that ‘our true home is the present moment; the miracle is not to walk on water, the