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Loving God, Loving Neighbors, Transforming Lives: but HOW?

Today I’d like to begin answering a question someone asked me regarding something I said in a recent [post] entry and sermon. First, what I said: I was talking about the fact that too many of us “work too hard at life,” because we do not avail ourselves of the power that God offers to us. The question one of you had was simple, and important: How? How do we avail ourselves of the power that God offers to us? The short answer to the question is this: “Follow.” Follow Jesus. If we follow Jesus, we receive what he promises. The transformation of life he promises. The Joy and Peace and Power he promises. But that only begs the same question: How? How do we follow Jesus? How, as Episcopalians living in Northern Virginia in 2011, do we follow Jesus? The answer to that question is also simple, but -- like the moves of the chess pieces are simple but take a lifetime to master, if we ever do -- the answer takes a lifetime to accomplish, if we ever do. And so I’m going to do something I have