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Loving God, Loving Neighbors, Transforming Lives: but HOW, con't...

Last week, I began a series taking a stab at answering the question, “How?” It started out with, “How do we avail ourselves of the power that God wants to give us?” In light of last week’s Gospel, it moved to, “How do we love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and love our neighbor as our self?” The answer is the same: follow Jesus. Jesus availed himself of God’s power, completely (or more accurately, we believe he WAS (and is) God’s power, enfleshed. And Jesus, as the “pioneer and perfecter” of our faith, modeled for us (and stands ready to make possible for us) the way to love God and love our neighbor as our self. But again, that only begs the question: HOW do we follow Jesus? As Episcopalians living in North America in 2011, how are we to follow Jesus, practically speaking?   Well, as I said last week, in answering that question, context is important: We live in an age where denominations -- and “religion” in general -- are less and less relevant to most people’s l