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Showing posts from December 16, 2011

It's Personal

If you live in or near Leesburg, you've probably noticed posters of downtown merchants.  The posters are giant blown-up photos of the shop's business owner. In most of the photos, the business owner is hamming it up for the camera, posing, in a lighthearted way, with some prop appropriate to his or her business. The posters are part of a "Holiday Ad" campaign by the Leesburg Downtown Business Association . The posters themselves, and the whole campaign for that matter, strike me as a fun, truly creative way to promote downtown businesses. And oddly enough, they got me thinking about Christmas. Not in the way the ad campaign intended (shop downtown this holiday season), but in a deeper sense. The posters got me thinking about the true meaning of Christmas.  Here's why: the effectiveness of this campaign is that they personalize the downtown businesses participating in the campaign. You can drive by Mom's Apple Pie five times a day and n