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"War on Christmas"

Today I want to write about "the war on Christmas."   Except I'm not referring to what you may think: the perceived hostility to the celebration of Christmas that some hyper-ventilating news commentators and others get all worked up about - the way Christians are supposedly being persecuted because people say "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" and that nativity scenes aren't being permitted on public grounds and religious-themed Christmas carols are no longer being sung in public schools. No, those developments don't bother me: despite the histrionics, we Christians in this country at this time are not being persecuted (or even very much inconvenienced) as we practice our faith; we're simply being reminded that we live in a pluralistic, richly diverse nation (which, by the way, from our very constitutional origins has wisely held "freedom of religion" in tension with opposing any attempt to establish any of