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It’s Epiphany, time for our parish's annual custom of "the Burning of the Greens" bonfire, and eating  “S’mores.” S’mores:   The term comes from the fact that when people have their first taste of that wonderful combination of graham cracker, chocolate and toasted marshmallow, they ask for “some more”!     Which gets me to thinking. I hereby pronounce a prophetic word over you.   That’s you, the person reading this, and also “you-plural” (ya’ll), the faith community.  Here’s the prophetic word: That 2012 is going to be a “S’more” year . This year will bring s’more God-reality into your life. This year will bring s’more power into your daily prayer (or s’more prayer into your daily routine).   This year will bring s’more wonder into your daily routine as you discover s’more evidence of God in it. This year will bring s’more money to you (or s’more God-given ability to make s’more money) as you discover the delight in giving s’more of your money away