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Doritos, and Veggie Trays

This week, I was invited to give the opening presentation at a three-day "Gathering of Leaders" conference for about 45 Episcopal clergy from around the country. The conference theme was "Hope-filled, fear-less leadership for a missionary church." My task was to set the tone: how can we counteract the prevailing wind of fear in our culture, and be people of hope instead? My talk started out by observing that, even with all the possibilities and blessings and riches of our country, and of the Episcopal Church, there's a spirit of fear . And that the antidote to fear is hope . Not a vague hope, but hope in what God has done, is doing, and will do in our lives. Part of what the conference (and the movement called Gathering of Leaders in general) is called to do is inspire and develop hopefulness. Hope-full-ness. So that was the theme. That was my task. "How to talk about it?" I wondered over the week or so before giving the talk.