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Of learner's permits, and that helpless, misty, melancholic feeling that life is going faster than you are...

So, earlier this week, I was driving my daughter Elizabeth somewhere, and while stopped at a red light, she says, out of the blue, “Dad, when did you say you’d start teaching me how to drive?” “Well, what I did with your brothers was start driving in big empty parking lots the summer before they got their learner’s permit so you get the feel of the car…you’re not allowed out on the roads until you have your learner’s permit.” “So we can do that this summer?” “No.” “Why not?” “Because it won’t be until the summer before you turn 15 ½.” “Uh…Dad?” I turned over to look at her, and of course it hit me: she will be 15 ½ this November. It was one of t ho se moments every parent must have, the sudden realization that your little girl, who just yesterday was twirling around in dress-up clothes, dancing with a toy doll, scooting around in her brother’s Big Wheel, is now a young lady nosing around   her mother’s closet for real clothes, danc