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Microwave Culture, Crockpot Faith

Today, I’m going with two pieces of advice given me by my speech professor at Wabash College : The first was, “the key to writing a great speech is to come up with a great title. Then drive a speech under it.” The second piece of advice was his “Three rules of Public Speaking” – 1) Speak clearly. 2) Be concise. 3) Be seated. So here’s today's title:  Microwave Culture, Crockpot Faith . Isn’t it true, that we live in a microwave culture – a culture where we’ve been conditioned to expect instant results and instant solutions? It’s reflected in how we eat : in the last 75 years, restaurants have gone from almost exclusively waiter-based dine-in experiences, to drive- in , to drive- through . (In those same 75 years, American obesity has skyrocketed, but that’s another point for another epistle, another time: I’m trying to be concise here!) Our microwave culture is reflected in how we gather and use information : when I was in 9th grade, writing a ter