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Bouncing back after striking out early Ash Wednesday

Today, something a bit unusual: I'd like to share what I'll call "the evolution of an Ash Wednesday sermon." To use a baseball analogy, I'd like to share with you what it was like to go from badly striking out at the 6:30 a.m. early service to doing better in each of the three later sermons that day. Let me start by saying that I would like to live in a universe where all my sermons were written days or weeks before they needed to be preached. But in the universe I do live in, sometimes - despite my prayers and Bible reading/exegesis and preparation and study - sometimes things conspire to prevent a sermon from being written in time. And that's what happened late last week and early this week: pastoral and teaching and administrative and other responsibilities, plus a low level exhaustion, took over. That's not that unusual. Most clergy weeks are full, and clergy are not immune from exhaustion. But usually inspiration strikes before we