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Sermon on "Negativity Fast" (Part One)

“You are my son…my daughter…with you I am well pleased. … The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God has come near; repent, and believe in the good news.” This Lent, we’re trying something we haven’t tried before in our sermons, and that is that is this Lent, Rev. Kate, Pastor Mary and I are all going to be sticking to one theme.   Instead of jumping around from message to message or preaching on very different unrelated themes, this Lent – over the next five Sundays – we’ll be taking our time unpacking one theme. Even though it’s one theme, you’ll be getting three very different takes on this theme, because Kate, Mary and I all have different perspectives on it. But we thought we’d look at this one theme over the season of Lent, because we think it’s an important topic to take a good look at, one that I introduced a few weeks ago in the e-Pistle, And the theme is a “negativity fast.” Now as you know, it’s customary for people to give things up and take things on during