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Fasting from overly focusing on Sin or our brokenness

This Sunday at St. James' , Pastor Mary will continue to unpack the theme we're exploring for Lent this year, that of a negativity fast . Pastor Mary will be referring to this commercial for DirectTV , you know, the one where the voiceover says, "When your cable is on the fritz, you get frustrated, when you get frustrated, your daughter imitates, when your daughter imitates, she gets thrown out of school..." It's a clever and humorous commercial, but - as Pastor Mary will point out - it makes a rather serious theological point. When we make a mistake, or when we fall into Sin, as we all do, there are a couple of different options available to us. One option is to dwell on the mistake, or to focus on our sinfulness. To enter the downward spiral humorously outlined in the commercial: "Omigod-I-did-this-I-can't-believe, how-could-I, I-should-known-better-that-was-stupid-of-me-there-I-go-again..." That's the option prefer