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Which wolf will win?

As I've written about before, we've been trying something a bit different this Lent, and that's to encourage a fast from negativity . I introduced this theme in a sermon two weeks ago . Last Sunday, my assistant Pastor Mary did a fantastic job following up, by encouraging us to "focus less on our problems and more on God's answers" in her sermon. It's not too late to begin a negativity fast. There are still 21 days between this Sunday and Palm Sunday, and almost a full month between now and Easter Sunday. Just the right amount of time, psychologists say, to break old habits and take on new ones. One thing this Lent has taught me is that fasting from negativity is not easy. Especially if you've had a difficult week. And so it's important to remember our response-ability as human beings. Response-ability means that while we cannot necessarily control other people or circumstances, we can control our response. We have, as human b