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Where I See Jesus (or, in a pinch, what to say to atheists, those who are "spiritual but not religious," or who want nothing to do with "organized religion")

In the Gospel assigned to be read this Sunday in church, we hear the story of a group of people who approach the disciple Philip and say, "We wish – we would like – to see Jesus." "We would like to see Jesus." I think this ties directly into the "negativity fast" theme we've been advocating this Lent. Because I think the author Dan Kimbal is right when he says, in the title of his book, They Like Jesus, but Not the Church. People now days -- you and I, and society in general -- like Jesus and are hungrier than ever for Jesus: his compassionate attitude, his expansive nature, his Joy. And at the same time, they -- we -- are as fed up as ever with "the church" in the negative sense of the word: its judgmental attitude, its inflexible doctrinaire nature, its dour humorlessness. The writer Andrew Sullivan has popularized the term “Christian-ism” – the politicization of Christianity, trying to equate Christianity with one particular mi