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"We Believe in the Holy Spirit," or, "I've come here today to tell you about my walk with Jesus."

 is the sermon I preached on Pentecost Sunday, here: This Sunday is the Sunday we celebrate Pentecost, the fiftieth day after Easter, and the day set aside in the church year to focus on the Holy Spirit. And so today is a good day to take a look at the Holy Spirit, and the role of the Holy Spirit in our life. Each Sunday we stand and say what we believe about the Holy Spirit when we say the Nicene Creed: we say “we believe in the Holy Spirit.” Notice that we do not say, “we believe THAT THERE IS a Holy Spirit,” but “we believe IN the Holy Spirit.” “We believe in the Holy Spirit.” Those are important words for us to say…as individuals and as a faith community. I remember when I was young, maybe a sophomore or junior in high school, and I having a lot of questions about my faith, but still going to church most every Sunday, there was a time I just stopped saying the Nicene Creed because I wasn’t really sure I believed it. One Sunday my mom noticed I was