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Showing posts from June 2, 2012

Shame Storm

Humbling experiences, and humility. Today I want to write about humbling experiences…those experiences we all have that can give us a sense of humility…but don’t always, because we need to understand what true humility is. I think humbling experiences can be an occasion for spiritual growth. At least I hope so, because the last couple weeks have brought a number of humbling experiences for me personally. I’ll share one silly, but recent experience: a softball game that I played in Thursday night. I stunk. I mean I really, really stunk. I used to play softball.  I used to be on several men’s teams; competitive ones, even.  Heck, I used to play baseball , you know, hardball.  Grew up playing it, from Little League through Babe Ruth through high school. And I'd played lots of softball in all kinds of leagues. So – even though it’d been years since I’d had cleats and a glove on – “I can pick this back up,” I thought.  I mean, “ How hard can it be ?”