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Showing posts from June 15, 2012

Heavenly-Father's Day Present

My son Graham called the other day, just to chat. Since moving to Richmond for college and falling in love with that city, he has pretty much lived there year round, so we don’t get as many chances to catch up in person as either he or I would like. But he is good about sensing when Mom or Dad needs a call, and when he does phone, we always have great conversations. Yesterday’s call ended up being an early Father’s Day present:   just hearing from him -- the excitement in his voice, the joie de vivre he has in abundance.   As those of you with grown children can testify, it’s a unique joy to “parent” a child who is all grown up and confident and almost independent and doesn’t really need too much parenting. On reflection, it’s not that I’m not “fathering” any more. It’s just that my fathering has, I suppose, made the full progression from “hand-holding-protection” to “disciplinarian/tamer-of-the-savage” to “hopeful role modeling” to “life-coach cheering from the sidelin