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Showing posts from June 24, 2012

When we are Swamped the sermon I preached today, which was an emotional roller-coaster of a day: a whole wide range of emotions both from within me and from those in church. I love the way that scripture lessons line up, as if by coincidence, with what we happen to be wrestling with when we read them. In today’s gospel, Jesus has taken the disciples out on a boat. A huge storm comes up. This is an overwhelming storm, larger and bigger and fiercer than anything they have faced. It’s called a “great windstorm,” with waves beating into the boat. We’re told “the boat was already being swamped.”  I feel swamped.  Do you feel swamped?  By now you have heard, I assume, through the letter mailed Tuesday and shared electronically Wednesday, the news that in late August I will be leaving St. James’ in order to accept the call of the Falls Church Episcopal to serve as their next Rector.  As I said in my letter, the decision I made to accept this call was gut-wrenching. When I was first approached about this