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While I will be here and preaching at St. James’ this Sunday (July 1), next week and for the next ten days, I’ll be covering the General Convention of the Episcopal Church again, which meets every three years -- this year in Indianapolis -- from July 4 through July 12. I’ve had the pleasure of attending the last four General Conventions as an issues writer for the Diocese of Virginia’s daily publication called The Center Aisle . Our days while covering General Convention are long and full. But at night, when the stories are written and the publication is put to bed, but before we put ourselves to bed, I often join others for a late dinner. One evening during the General Convention in Anaheim, there were five or six of us at the dinner table, enjoying our pre-dinner drinks, and the waiter -- who recognized us as customers the past three or four evenings in a row -- asked, “What convention are you with?” One of us said, “The Episcopal Church.” He said, “Oh, that’s great!